Our mission is to generate success and support along the journeys of entrepreneurs and leaders. Our home base is in beautiful Asheville, NC. Why do we call ourselves Birds Eye Business Planning and Adventures? Discover here.

Birdseye_0002_Circle-ClayCoaching & Consulting
Need help navigating the path ahead? We offer tailored support to assess challenges and opportunities, learn and apply new business skills, and create a plan for sustainable success.
Birdseye_0000_Circle-BlueBusiness Planning Classes
Join a cohort of aspiring and existing entrepreneurs to gain an aerial perspective of your vision and the comprehensive business skills necessary to help bring your visions into reality.
Birdseye_0001_Circle-GreenBirds Eye Retreats
Looking to restore, reflect, create, and connect? Birds Eye led retreats for entrepreneurs, businesses, & organizations help you get up and out of day-to-day operations.

Upcoming Retreats


Birds Eye in Flight

Are you curious how Birds Eye could support your community?  We offer curriculum licensing and customized consulting to help you support your area’s entrepreneurs and leaders.


Small Business Leader of the Year: Heidi Swann of Asheville Emporium