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Silver River Center for Chair Caning testimonials



Annie was instrumental in helping us refine our vision. She gave us tools to communicate with each other and for making decisions from the most mundane business trips to rebranding. We feel confident going forward in a major expansion in our business.

— Brandy Clements of
Silver River Center for Chair Caning





karen george testimonials

Not only did it help me come up with a cohesive business plan and determine the best legal structure for my business, it lit a fire within me. The energy and excitement my fellow classmates generated allowed each of us to get our ideas off the ground, or expand our current businesses! Plus my instructor Jodi Rhoden of Short Street Cakes was a blast! What a wealth of knowledge and encouragement. Thanks to Birds Eye and Jodi, I’m heading into a strong building season!

— Karen George of Build Like A Bird


owl bakery testimonials



I was astounded by the quality and usefulness of the Birds Eye materials and empowered by my values-driven instructor, Jodi Rhoden, as well as the participative learning process emphasized in the classes.

— Susannah Gebhart of OWL Bakery







tyler housholder testimonials



Birds Eye Business Planning course taught me that building a business is much like building a piece of furniture. There are no shortcuts. It’s a step-by-step process in which you keep one eye on the bigger picture and the other on the most important thing you can do at this very moment.

— Tyler Housholder of Hous Design






Celia Naranjo of Asheville Goods

Photo courtesy of Tim Robison


The 6-week Birds Eye class helped me sort out the priorities of the business. With Annie Price’s help, along with the support from others in the class, I was able to view the larger picture—a wider approach to Asheville Goods, which in turn allowed me to see where particular attention was needed. Clarifying and strengthening the core mission was paramount, and from there the various financial aspects came into focus. Itemizing variable costs, break-even points and sales goals finally made sense to me in a way that just seemed nebulous prior to the class.

— Celia Naranjo of Asheville Goods