Birds Eye offers professional and personal development for entrepreneurs in person in the Asheville area, as well as virtually for clients outside of the area. The entrepreneurial journey can be riddled with loneliness — especially at pivotal moments of despair or delight. Our approach is holistic and not only focuses on increasing concrete business skills and capacity, but also provides a soundboard along the way.

IMG_0037We dig into the comprehensive skills of our team to offer you a full range of services depending on your specific needs. This may look like detailed cash flow analysis, assistance in testing market assumptions, piloting, developing marketing plans, or even a complete business model overhaul for you to be able to operate more in line with your mission and core values. Our customized programs are designed to bridge the gap between your current surrounding landscape and your hopes for the future.

We recommend that clients start out with one of our business assessments and then together we determine if our longer more in-depth customized programs will support you in creating systemic change and progress towards your goals.

Comprehensive Business Assessment (CBA): This is where customized Birds Eye support begins. We generate a comprehensive assessment of where you are in relation to all areas of the business concept or existing business (Financials, Operations, R&D/Leadership Development, Marketing). A CBA includes: our review of your pre-assessment form and associated links prior to our session, a 90-minute in-person or virtual session with a lead consultant on the Birds Eye team, and a follow-up written assessment that you will receive within 5 business days. The CBA gives our clients the opportunity to focus on where they have been, where they are now, and where they hope to go in the future, while receiving honest feedback and sound boarding support. Often this process alone helps clients to clear out poorly-aligned ideas, products, or services that are money, time, or energy suckers. The return on investment is substantial as we work to create clarity and traction around the ideas and opportunities that are ready to flourish. Our assessments help us determine a customized course of action depending on your needs and will mirror back to you the key highlights of what you have shared in your session.
Financial investment: $500

Quarterly Focus Session Program: Often we serve as accountability partners and ongoing sounding boards for our clients. We offer our quarterly focus sessions to help our clients stay on track with their long-term goals, assist in decision-making processes, or brainstorm new ideas.

These sessions are a great opportunity to receive honest feedback and tap into ongoing support. Some clients use these sessions to brainstorm new ideas or gain assistance in key decision-making. One client referred to these types of sessions as their chance to “rent a boss” when they feel alone or stuck in their leadership journey. Clients also appreciate the balance of structure and space that this program provides. These begin with a Comprehensive Business Assessment as described above.

Each session is 90 minutes in person or by phone. You then receive a written review and action plan from which to steer course between sessions.
Financial Investment: These begin at $1600 for an annual commitment to 4 quarterly sessions depending on the size of the team and complexity of the business model.  

Ongoing Strategy and Support Program (S&S): These are generally 6 month or 1 year customized programs that allow for you and your business or organization to utilize any of the skills held in the Birds Eye team over a designated period of time.  We work together to define courses of action and implement them. These programs kick off with a comprehensive assessment (as described above) and then tap into a wide range of services depending on the client’s needs. Examples include: financial analysis, leadership and professional development for entrepreneurs and/or key staff, realignment of business models to achieve long-term goals, the creation of marketing plans, and can include technical services such as QuickBooks installation, branding support, photography, etc… Each program also has the option to build in a customized retreat for either the solopreneur or, for a larger venture, for the entire team.  
Financial Investment: Customized programs begin at $750 per month

Consulting Services

Is your organization or community working to create small business support systems?

If your group has an economic development goal that relies on healthy small businesses, Birds Eye can help you build that ecosystem. Whether it’s harnessing energy within an existing small business community, or bolstering support systems for entrepreneurs, we have experience in bringing diverse stakeholders together and building strategic plans for collaborative success. Contact us to learn more about consulting.

Does your non-profit want to implement or improve earned-income strategies?

Due to increased competition for funding, many non-profit organizations are looking for ways to become more stable and sustainable. We offer strategic planning consulting for non-profits that want to insert an earned income business model into their operations. Through a combination of strategic and business planning, we can help you develop programs and goals to increase your organization’s impact as well as its financial health. Contact us to learn more about non-profit strategic planning.

To learn more about our comprehensive assessments, quarterly focus sessions, and customized coaching programs, or to hear more about organizational consulting, please contact Sheila at

  • Choosing to work with Birds Eye was a gift to our business for our 10 year anniversary. Annie has guided me into the right head space in order to accept the powerful position of leadership, create and maintain a strong culture, and preserve the vision and the discipline needed for success. I love the team and really believe that they are championing my success and respect me and my business tremendously.–Christine DiBenedetto, Wink, Ongoing Strategy & Support Program Participant