What We Do

Our mission is simple: to generate success and support along the journeys of entrepreneurs and organizational leaders. How we do this is what makes us unique.  Our team is fully equipped to serve our clients in comprehensive business and strategic planning in the traditional sense. However, our long-term goal and passion is to help calibrate and recalibrate the internal compass of our clients so that they can respond to opportunities and challenges with confidence and clarity.

Often we are preparing our clients for the necessary leaps of faith and investment that their ventures demand. We also create opportunities to get up and out of day-to-day operations in order to gain insight and inspiration (this is where the adventure part comes in).

We work with two main groups:

While the coaches on our team have experience in working with businesses of all types, we have special expertise and interest in the areas of food systems and farming, health and wellness, and the arts. Here at Birds Eye we consider ourselves to be a social enterprise and we find that those working in these sectors are often deeply committed to improving the quality of life in our communities.

The Birds Eye Perspective

Our priority is to help entrepreneurs gain an aerial understanding of their businesses.

aerialviewWhy is this so important?

Well, think back to the last time you traveled by air. Remember that moment when the plane took off, the tires separated from the runway… the world fell away softly and a hush came over the cabin. You stopped hearing the anxieties and hubbub of everyday life and started noticing the landscape extending out before you. First you probably saw the grid of the city below, then looked off to see a distant lake or forest. Soon, you were seeing patterns of farmland or the craggy zigzag of an ancient mountain range.

From this altitude, it’s almost impossible not to see things in a new way. Your awareness shifts to new ideas. You begin to see yourself in the context of a larger ecosystem. And as you fly along, you’re likely to get a new perspective from the people around you, gaining insights from whoever happens to be seated next to you on that particular flight. Then, finally, as you land at your destination, it feels so good to feel those tires hit pavement again — to feel grounded and ready for your next adventure.

Your entrepreneurial journey is not so different. At Birds Eye, we’re firm believers that successful small businesses are evolved through a balance of launching and grounding, of both creative visioning and strategic tactical work. We also greatly value that the people surrounding an entrepreneur can be remarkable sources of energy, guidance, and support.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur yourself, or you’re with an organization that supports small business, we would love to help you gain a new perspective on what’s possible.

Our Roots

Birds Eye’s roots lie in the mountains of Western North Carolina. The company was founded by Annie Milroy Price, an entrepreneurial learning facilitator, coach, and consultant. Annie has been serving as a Business Developer since 2006 at Mountain BizWorks, a highly-acclaimed non-profit that has helped to launch thousands of WNC’s businesses. In early 2014 she was entrusted by Mountain BizWorks to adapt, update, and re-launch its popular “Foundations” business planning curriculum under the Birds Eye umbrella.

Throughout this process Annie received invaluable input and support from her peer business coaches and facilitators to help her build the core of Birds Eye’s resources.  Many of these colleagues now round out the Birds Eye team. Collectively, they draw from their own entrepreneurial stories, scrapes and successes alike, to meet the needs of clients in this region and beyond. 

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